Demerol Addiction Symptoms

Demerol is a narcotic analgesic which has similar effects to morphine. Demerol affects the central nervous system of the patient and is effective in relieving moderate to severe pain. Demerol is found in various forms, the most common form being pills. The drug is highly addictive. Prolonged use of Demerol leads to a high state of dependency. In many cases, a person who is abusing Demerol will not admit that he or she has a drug problem and consequently, the addiction worsens.

One important aspect worth noting about Demerol is that it also causes a state of euphoria. An individual taking Demerol experiences such euphoria within ten to fifteen minutes. Other less pleasant effects associated with Demerol consumption include nausea and vomiting among others. Demerol should not be combined with other drugs. Combinations of Demerol with other drugs may well prove fatal in the long run. Some of these proscribed drugs include antidepressants, benzodiazepines and barbiturates.

Demerol Addiction Symptoms

There are a number of symptoms that may be exhibited by a Demerol addict. For starters, the individual will make frequent trips to the doctor. This is because the person may seek unnecessary medical intervention in the hope that Demerol will be administered. Another symptom associated with Demerol addiction is tolerance to the effects of the drug. Bearing in mind that Demerol effects wear off quickly, within just two to four hours, the addict will start to consume larger amounts of Demerol.

The doses increase over time due to the fact that the effects are no longer felt with small doses. In addition to that, the individual quickly develops withdrawal symptoms when Demerol use is discontinued. Demerol is highly addictive. It so follows that the abuser will develop a high state of dependency on Demerol. Some of the withdrawal symptoms exhibited by the individual may include insomnia, vomiting and anxiety attacks.

Demerol addiction affects various aspects of the abuser’s life, both socially and financially. The addict will spend more and more money to sustain the addiction habit. This brings about financial difficulties the addict will not be able to pay the bills.

Socially, Demerol addiction leads to the breakdown of the relationships the person had with his or her relatives or friends. This is due to the fact that Demerol addiction becomes all important aspect in the abuser’s life. The addict thus neglects important social and family aspects of life.

Consumption of high doses of Demerol leads to impaired kidney function. Moreover, the individual may also experience convulsions or seizures. In the event of a Demerol overdose, the abuser will exhibit a number of symptoms. For starters, his or her skin becomes cold and clammy. There will also be signs of slowed heartbeat, slowed breathing and low blood pressure. At worst, the person may fall into a coma.

An individual who exhibits Demerol addiction symptoms should seek urgent help from a suitable drug rehabilitation facility. Moreover, it is also important for the addict to receive support from family and friends. This goes a long away in ensuring the success of the treatment process.